If we are providing ground-level delivery to you, we need enough room on nice firm ground to do that. The driver will back up the truck to the spot where you want the container set down. The back of the truck tips down and there is a winch that lowers the first end of the container onto the ground. Then, the driver pulls the truck forward and uses then winch to finish setting the container on the ground. During this process, the driver cannot turn the truck at all, we need the length of the container plus the length of the truck plus enough room for the truck to turn to get out of the spot. That translates to 110′ for a 20′ container and 130′ for a 40′ container. In addition, when we set containers on the ground, the container pushes down and out on the truck, so we need very firm ground that is relatively flat. Paved surfaces and gravel are best. We cannot delivery on grass/lawns or in fields.